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New Opportunities

With the advent of technological advancements, the world is becoming  a global village.

If we look from the consumer's point of view, their exposure to the global trends has expanded exponentially.  As a result, they expect and demand products that can meet with the global standards.

And for the entrepreneurs, this development poses both a threat as well as an opportunity. Threat, because if a business establishment cannot rise up to this expectation, it cannot survive in the market.  For a Company which can escalate itself and rise to the scales of global competitiveness, it is an opportunity. They will have endless scope to expand.

Olive is a company with global aspirations. Being a market leader in India, in the segments of kitchen accessories and architectural hardware, we are now raring to impress our footprints across the world map... Rather, we are spreading our wings to overseas markets...

Let's join hands!